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OCI transfer with VACOM Shop

OCI transfer with VACOM Shop

In our online shop we offer you the possibility to take over your shopping cart into your own system via OCI. You only need a valid registration in our shop, which you can easily make online.

Are you new here? Please click here to register.

Note: If you have agreed on customer-specific conditions, please contact us at integration@vacom.de so that we can activate your prices online. For this, please enter your login name or your registered e-mail address.

With this registration, you can already use the OCI interface:

For the usage of OCI out of your system, you need to create a corresponding call link. The required call parameters are explained below:

https://www.vacom-shop.de/epages/VacomShop.sf?ChangeAction=OCI-Outbound&REQTYPE=Login&Login=Your Login name&Password=Your Password&returntarget=_top&HOOK_URL=Your Hook URL


Call parameter: Please pay attention to capitals and lowercase letters!

Parameter Value Type
URL https://www.vacom-shop.de/epages/VacomShop.sf URL
ChangeAction OCI-Outbound Fixed Value
REQTYPE Login Fixed Value
Login Your shop username Fixed Value
Password Your shop password Fixed Value
~XML 0 Fixed Value
HOOK_URL Your return address generated by your calling system Return URL

~OKCode ADDI Fixed Value
~caller CTLG Fixed Value
returntarget _top (according to calling system) Fixed Value

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