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VACOM supports the acceleration of your procurement processes

VACOM unterst├╝tzt die Digitalisierung Ihrer Bestellprozesse.

Use OCI!


With the OCI* standard you will be able to easily transfer your shopping cart from our shop into your ordering systems including your ordering conditions.

Double data management due to media discontinuity is not necessary.

You can place your order via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), e-mail (PDF) or fax.

Your benefits:

  • Avoidance of errors produced by manual recording
  • Catalog maintenance is carried out by VACOM
  • Availabilities are immediately displayed online
  • Usage of your individual prices

How to use OCI

* Requirements: OCI (Open Catalog Interface) compliant ERP or e-procurement system


Use EDI!


EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) enables you to electronically send your orders to us.
Your purchasing process will be accelerated by a direct transfer of your orders into our ERP-system where they are promptly processed..

For transferring your messages you can use standard formats such as SAP-IDOC or EDIFACT.

Your benefits:

  • Automated data exchange with standardized formats
  • No manual data acquisition and thus avoiding errors produced by manual recording
  • Cross-company integration of IT-systems
  • Faster flow of information

How to use EDI


Do you need further information? Are you interested in integrating your system?

Please contact us at integration@vacom.de

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