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There will be five alternating vacuum components every week at
particularly favorable conditions. Valid until April 30th 2018.

Order no.: 325421
list price: 680.00 €
340.00 €
Price without VAT or delivery
CF Cube, DN40, stainless steel 316L,
flange ID 38mm, length of edges 70mm,

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Order no.: 303263
list price: 75.00 €
45.00 €
Price without VAT or delivery
KF 4-Way cross, DN40, stainless steel 304,
length per axis 130mm,

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Order no.: 303361
list price: 77.00 €
53.90 €
Price without VAT or delivery
2-way ball valve, NW 16KF, length 107 mm approx.
stainless steel

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Order no.: 300183
list price: 104.00 €
83.20 €
Price without VAT or delivery
10 kV Feedthrough, 3,6 A, SS-304
On Flange NW16CF
Contact atm.: Pin Ø 2.4mm, length 10 mm,
applies to plug PLUG-HV10-24
Contact vac.: Pin Ø 2.4 mm, length approx. 140 mm
*) without plug PLUG-HV10-24: 5 kV / 3.6 A

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Order no.: 307909
list price: 291.00 €
232.80 €
Price without VAT or delivery
ISO-K-viewport, DN160, glass exchangable,
for wall installation

- window material: borosilicate glass (Borofloat®33)
- transmission range: appr. 400...2500 nm
- thickness: appr. 9 mm
- flange material: stainless steel 1.4404 (316L)
- window mounting: FPM-O-Ring, demountable
- view diameter: appr. 153 mm
- He-leak rate: < 1.0E-9 mbar l/s
- temperature range: up to 150°C

recommended mounting accessories: ISO160/250WCO

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