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There will be five alternating vacuum components every week at particularly favorable conditions. Valid until April 30th 2018 for orders placed in the Online Shop.

Order no.: 302151
list price: 30.00 €
15.00 €
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KF Tubulated reducing adapter, DN50/40, stainless steel 304,
length 28mm,

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Order no.: 302873
list price: 80.00 €
48.00 €
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KF Tee, DN40, stainless steel 316L,
length 130mm,

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Order no.: 400689
list price: 675.00 €
472.50 €
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All-Metal-Angle-Valve, for UHV/XHV applications
body and bellow from stainless steel 304/316
bonnet and plate seal from OFHC copper
mounting flange NW16CF (1.33" OD), both flanges rotatable
manual actuated with wrench size 19 mm
working temperature -200°C to +300°C
in open position bakeable up to +400°C
pressure range: 1.0E-11 mbar to atmosphere pressure
leak rate: < 1.0E-10 mbar*l/s
first closing torque 12 Nm, max. closing torque 25 Nm
seal gasket must be replaced after 30…50 closing cycles
bellows life time 1,000 closing cycles

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Order no.: 300167
list price: 90.00 €
72.00 €
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BNC-feedthrough on flange CF16,
grounded shield, single-ended,
Conductor: stainless steel, Ø 2.4 mm,
Max. 500 V DC / 3.6 A,
Connection atm.: for BNC-plug,
Connection vac.: pin-Ø 2.4 mm

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Order no.: 323941
list price: 625.00 €
500.00 €
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Optical fiber feedthrough SM1310 FC/APC,
threaded, for high vacuum usage,
metric threading M16,
for flange and chamber thickness up to 10 mm

- optical fiber: singlemode fiber SM1310 (9/125 µm)
wavelength: 1310 nm / 1550 nm
numerical aperture: 0.12
cutoff wavelength: 1260 nm
- coupling: FC/APC
- typical insertion loss: <= 0.5 dB
- He leak rate: < 1.0E-09 mbar l/s
- material flange: stainless steel 1.4404 (316L)
o-ring: elastomer (FKM)
housing: stainless steel 1.4404 (316L)
ferrule: zirconia (ZrO2)
adhesive (low outgassing)
- operating temperature: -25°C to 75°C
max. bake-out temperature: 150°C
max. heating / cooling rate: 3 K/min

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